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For women, shopping is like talking. To go shopping does not have to mean you have a necessity for it or a purpose, you can go anywhere and at any time, and you can even be there for a few hours. Most persons don’t have a specific purpose in mind. Women think of shopping as of a thing than makes them younger and happier, even if in the end they just look and buy nothing. This rather chaotic way to shop would most probably cause a cerebral accident to any man in less than 20 minutes.

In order to feel right, the man needs an objective, a goal, a pre-settled program. He is the one hunting for lunch after all, that is his mission. He wants to “catch” something fast to bring home.

When shopping, most men begin to feel frustrated and anxious in a clothes store, while women try on clothes after clothes, wait for the man’s opinions and end up buying nothing. Women love to try one clothes, as many as possible, because this thing corresponds to a mental typology – each outfit fits a feeling or a desire.

Clothes, in man’s case only reflect the typical masculine state of spirit – it has to be predicable, conservatory and with a precise outcome. That is why you can always know when a man left his wife or girlfriend to buy him clothes. One of eight men doesn’t distinguish colors and most of them assort outfits badly. Still there are men that have great qualities in this area, but they have been brought up with fashion and they grew used to shopping since they were little.

To convince a man to go shopping, he must be given strict criteria like colors, dimensions, fabricants, styles, and he also has to know where he is going to shop and how much it is going to take. With such clear objective the man will be more than happy to go shopping.

When a woman tries on a new dress and she asks the man: “How do I look?” she will probably get a simple answer like “Good” or “Perfect”. And this doesn’t mean he has a point for him just for answering the question. To get more pleasant to the woman, he has to answer how another woman would, with as many details as possible.

For example when a man says: “Wow! You look incredible! This color fits you perfectly and the model enhances your waist – the boots are an incredible match. You look splendid.” then most women will be extremely impressed.

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