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Party Animal

Party Animal

Party Animal

We all know a party animal right? You may even have seen someone in a movie that reminds you of someone who is in your life now, or perhaps someone you used to know. This is the type of person who is a ton of fun in college or even in high school, but once you grow up and enter the real world, they can quickly become a bore. Even worse is the person who marries the party animal when they have started to tone down their wild ways. When one is a nut and the other isn’t into it any longer, things can get tricky rather quickly.

Sadly, there are many who grow into their thirties while remaining the party animal. For a while it’s ok, but one by one their friends settle down a bit, and many don’t spend a lot of time out on the town. They have families and obligations, and they limit their nights out to one or two a month, and they do it quite happily. This is not good for the party animal though, as they can’t see to get enough, and perhaps feel all of the partying keeps them young. They have to find new people to party with, and that means they have to start hanging out with those who are sometimes a lot younger than they are.

There may be nothing wrong with this for the party animal at first, but it’s the same old story after a while. One day you are the life of the party, and the next day you are the creepy old guy that won’t go away. You may think you are still the same old wild party animal, but to the younger crowd now populating the bar, you are starting to look like one big loser. You may not realize how silly you look, but if you look around and everyone else is at least ten years younger than you, you might want to rethink what you are doing.

Even the wildest party animal must tone it down after a while. You have no say in it really, as your body will do it for you. Your hangovers will get worse, and you won’t bounce back like you once did. If you keep showing up hung over and worthless for your job, you are going to get canned if you don’t clean up your act. You can still be a party animal, but you may just have to change where you party, or how often you party. If you can pull yourself out of the party haze, you may find a whole new and rather enticing life waiting for you.

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