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Never Be Afraid To Start Over

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Never Be Afraid To Start Over

Never Be Afraid To Start Over

Stressful… is not the word for what the past three weeks have been for me. In fact, I honestly don’t think that the contributors to the English dictionary or dictionary for any language, can describe what I went through. If you are a regular reader, you would notice that this blog looks like an entirely new blog. Well, that’s because “IT IS”!!! And so my story goes:

I was recently approached by a well-known marketer associate of mine via email about a one-time multi-site hosting package. And I thought to myself, “Jackpot!” How efficient would it be for me to host all 5 of my blogs on this account and not have to pay monthly fees. Then once I grow to a huge number of subscribers I can think about site migration and a bigger hosting package at my former or another monthly hosting.

The funny thing about that is that my hosting was only about $20.00 a month, which in reality is not much to me. I decided to stress on the “to me” because I have learned that what maybe just “$20” to one maybe a huge sacrifice to another. #lifelessons #freelifelessons

Anyway, back to the story. I decided to go ahead and purchase the hosting package and as with any software or system that you purchase via either of the two well-known software, system and course purchasing platforms for marketers, I had to purchase the way more expensive upgrade to actually be able to host all of my sites on it. I honestly didn’t mind paying the extra because “hey, invest now; save later!?” I was so excited about this new product purchase. And then it began…

Two days into the purchase… my sites stopped working. Crashed… Nothing… Error message….

Like any good customer, I contacted support and they were prompt with a response.

Day 1 – No answer

Day 2 – No answer

Day 3 – No answer

So I decided to send them a message requesting an update. They fixed the system. My sites were back up. Yayeeee!!!

3 days later… my sites stopped working… same story…

Contacted support. They fixed it again.

1 week later… sites crashed… new error…

This time it took an entire week to get it fixed. You would think that a relatively smart individual such as myself, who is always sharing wisdom on the internet would have thought of packing up her sites or at least keeping the copies during the initial migration. Nope… I didn’t. Why, you ask? Because I knew and trusted the vendor. I have several of his products and they are amazing, but this one…

Back to the story….

My site is now working. Everything is amazing. Did I back up the sites then…??? You guessed it, no! Why? Because I assumed that everything was fixed and the problem was over, and life could go on as usual. I would be able to blog everyday. Do what I love! Share information with the world! or at least Word Press readers.

1 week later….

My sites disappeared. No sight of WordPress installed on the system. My sights gone poof!!! I thought I was going to lose my mind!!! I spent last week trying and trying to research, contact hosting company’s pro technicians for ideas and suggestions as what to do and how to save my sites. My last and only option, was to try using the SQL files. Only 1 site transferred that way but the data is superficial… meaning it’s there but not there. This means that I now have the pleasure of recreated my blogs from scratch more or less. Yes, all 5… inclusive of the one you are currently reading.

Why am I telling you this? Clearly, it’s not to blast or discredit the developer that I bought the faulty product from. While I should be well within my rights to do so. Instead, I am sharing my story with you so that like with all of the other information that I have shared or will share you learn from it. I was so terrified of losing my blogs and having to start over and reload/input all of this content; and how it would mess up my WP reader flow… and so on and so forth… But the reality is in the process I actually found ways to improve my blog and correct mistakes that I made during the earlier stages of publishing content. I was so afraid of having to start over and when it became the only option, it was sooo much easier than I had imagined. Time consuming, yes. Annoying, definitely. Unfair, totally. But the miraculous lessons that I have learned through this experience far out ways the pain of having to start over.

My challenge to you today and this week is:


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4 thoughts on “Never Be Afraid To Start Over

  1. It’s the fear of that pain of time, effort, annoyance and unfairness that deters most for doing it all again. But as you rightly say, the lessons learnt and the improvements made are worth it.

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