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When our classical music radio station in Detroit closed down, I was absolutely devastated. Here I was, in a major city, and there was no way for me to listen to classic music on the radio in the car. Most cities had two classical stations at least, and at one point Detroit had as well. Don’t get me wrong – public radio still played a lot of classical composers, but only during certain programs. Much of the time, I would have to bring my own CDs with me if I wanted to hear classical compositions.

That is why it was so overjoyed when I discovered classical music online. I have never really studied classical music history very much, and I don’t know the music that well. All I know is that I like it. That is why it is nice for me to have a DJ to play it for me. I don’t really have to think about it. I can just sit back and let the music wash over me. Classical music radio was great for that, but online radio stations are also good.

Of course, even if you are a more knowledgeable classical fan, you can still find what you need online. There are plenty of classical music downloads out there that a lot of my friends take advantage of. This is an especially good way to find the works of new composers. A lot of art music composers are absolutely desperate to find fans nowadays. They are perfectly willing to make their performances available for free in hopes that you will become familiar with their works and want to see them live. They put their classical music online and spread the word as far as they can. The only difficulty is finding out about these artists.

That is where Internet streaming radio comes in. A lot of online Internet Djs make it their business to be extremely knowledgeable about current trends in music and entertainment. They will point you to some of the hottest musicians in whatever genre interests you. A lot of people don’t expect classical music online to be so fertile, but it really is. It seems that nowadays whenever a genre loses popularity in the outside world, it finds refuge on the Internet. Classical music online is no exception. Whether you are into the works of the Romantic period, the high classical composers, or more modern art music, you can find it on the Internet.

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